Products and Services

Radiator Expert Services

Arch Red has provided expert services for Radiator AAA (authentication, authorisation and accounting) software in Finland and globally since 2003. Arch Red provides customized expert services to customers with a need for network infrastructure designing, demanding customer projects and consultation.

Radiator for eduroam

Arch Red experts have contributed to eduroam development since 2002. In Finland Arch Red provides federation top-level RADIUS service for CSC and Funet since 2003. Most of the major universities in Finland are Arch Red’s customers. Together with OSC Arch Red currently serves over 50% of the top 250 universities in the world. We deliver both products and services for turn-key deployment of eduroam.

Arch Red Guest Server

Arch Red Guest Server is a simple solution for guest access for your Wifi-network, used by customers around the world. For the functionality, see also the online demo.

Arch Red Access Controller

Arch Red Access Controller is a flexible customizable solution for those requiring standalone captive portal for wireless and wired guest network authentication.

Arch Red Support

The majority of Arch Red’s customers use the Arch Red Support agreement to manage the support and development of their authentication and network roaming solutions in the most flexible and easy way.