Arch Red Guest Server

Radiator Guest Server is a web based application for creating and managing guest accounts. With Arch Red Guest Server, serving network guests is easier than ever.

General information

Arch Red Guest Server provides a feature set that makes assisting network guests, such as visitors and customers, easier and more flexible where customers are being served. When creation and management of guest access accounts are separated from other network management tasks, the IT experts of the organization can use their time in more productive tasks.

Arch Red Guest Server can be easily deployed to different network infrastructures, since it includes all the software needed and it can be used together with different network products that use standard RADIUS interfaces. To customers that value extremely easy deployment, Arch Red Guest Server can also be supplied as a separate appliance.

The distribution of user account information to users can be done via email, SMS* messages or by using various options for printable vouchers. Included in these printing options are different kinds of label makers, that can also print guest badges for your organization as well.

Update Agreement

Arch Red Update Agreement can be attached to Arch Red Guest Server deployment. With Update agreement, you will have access to new features and patches of Guest Server.

Online demo

Please try the latest version of Arch Red Guest Server demo. The password is password for the following usernames:

Username The user has …
administrator Administrator view without SMS functionality
smsadministrator Administrator view with SMS functionality
basic Basic view without SMS functionality
smsbasic Basic view with SMS functionality
easy Easy view


Go to demo

Please feel free to try all usernames and features. You do not have to worry about emails or SMSs being sent since the demo environment has been setup for safe experimenting.

Notes, hints and tips:

  • When using basic or smsbasic to create guest accounts, note how the guest accounts created with one view are not visible to the other. Basic users will not know what events have been created and who are participating in them.
  • Both admins, administrator and smsadministrator, can see all guest accounts and events.
  • Easy view user interface is available for basic view users too. This can be disabled easily if needed.
  • You can try special or accented characters to event and guest names. Try e.g., symbols ™ and ® or accented and special characters such as ü and Æ.
  • You may modify template texts to include the symbols and accented and special characters.
  • Even if sending email is not possible from the demo, the symbols and accented and special characters can be sent via email correctly.
  • Printing text that contains symbols, accented or special characters works best when printing from the browser. All symbols and characters may not be available for PDF printouts.


Demo environment setup

The Guest Server installation has been set up for safe experimenting:

  • Delivering account information to guests via email or SMS messages is disabled.
  • User information is locked. Adding, modifying or deleting users is not possible.
  • Guest accounts are available 24 hours from their creation. Accounts older than that are automatically removed.

For example, sending SMS messages to guest will indicate success, but no messages will not be sent. Changing user information, such as admin user password, will also indicate success but no changes will be made.

If you create guest accounts today and want to test them tomorrow, please do so within 24 hours. Otherwise you have to recreate your test accounts.


Testing with RADIUS

If you would like to test the Guest Server’s RADIUS interface, please configure your RADIUS with the following information:

  • IP address:
  • Secret: secret
  • Authentication port 1812, accounting port 1813.
  • Guest account format: If the guest account is called joebloggs, you can use both joebloggs and
  • Certificate information for WiFi WPA/WPA2 (EAP) testing
      • Root certificate is available from Arch Red demo CA site.
      • Certificate belongs to


The following authentication protocols are supported:

  • EAP methods PEAP and EAP-TTLS
    • Supported PEAP method is:
      • PEAP-MSCHAPv2
    • Supported EAP-TTLS methods are:


RADIUS attribute Reply-Message (attribute number 18) is returned with every Access-Accept message. The contents are the tags assigned to the guest account.